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To prevent loss of data it is essential not only to have a backup, but that the backup be in a separate location then your data. In case of fire, flooding or other natural disasters data should not be located in just one place. The easiest way to backup your data is to upload it to the internet and forget it. Falls Geek has partnered with Backblaze backups to provide this affordable option to our customers. Call us today for a free setup.


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Image of Laptop with Virus

Computer Cleanup

Let us take care of your problems. Viruses, Malware, Russian Spies, Nigerian Scammers, we cover it all. Bring us your computer and your sob story and we'll take care of the rest. Most of our clients computers fall under this service. Desktop computers please bring the computer only. Laptop and All in Ones please bring the power cable. System password is required. Turnaround 2 business days.


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Windows Reinstall

Sometimes it's better to just burn it all and start over. We will reinstall Windows, get all your devices working again and start you over with a brand new slate.


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Desktop/Laptop Repair

Cracked screen? Damaged keyboard? We take care of most laptop problems for $60 plus the cost of hardware.

Starting at $60

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Data Recovery

Did you forget to backup? We have experience recovering files from mostly dead drives. If the drive happens to be totally dead we have partnered with Drive Savers to offer all types of data recovery.

Starting at $100

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Hard Drive Wipe

No need to physically destroy your hardware to stay safe. Let us wipe your hard drive no questions asked. We use award winning software to clear out all the data on your hard drive. Guaranteed unrecoverable. SSD drives $15.


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