Xun (top blown egg shaped flute)

Designed by: licheong

This is an ancient Chinese musical instrument called xun. Archeological findings of the instrument dates back to bronze or late stone age. Wikipedia has a description of its history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xun_(instrument) This instrument is blown at the top like you blow a flute or shakuhachi. Hold the egg vertically and place your lower lips on the edge of the top hole. Make a small round hole in the middle of your lips and the blowing angle is at around 45 degrees. The pitch can be controlled by opening the fingerholes. The 6cm smaller version has a higher pitch and contains 6 fingerholes. The 8cm version has a slightly lower pitch and contains 8 fingerholes. This might help about how to get the right lips shape to blow it: https://www.wikihow.com/Blow-Into-a-Flute


Xun (top blown egg shaped flute) by licheong is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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