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V-Slot Openbuilds Mini Gantry Direct Drive Extruder mount

Designed by: sonnylowe

This is a mount designed to run a Direct Drive Extruder on the Openbuilds Mini Gantry.

Install QTY (4) 3mm nuts in the cavities provided in the Direct Drive Mount (DDM).

Bolt the DDM the Gantry using the provide Gantry mounting screws

Attached the NEMA 17 Motor to the Motor Mount (MM) using 3mm screws (30-35-40mm depending on mount and motor choice) through the back of the mount into the motor frame.

Added V-2 of the NEMA mount, it is a thicker version to allow a full length screw to be used. I would suggest printing both and using the one that provides the best if.

Attach the MM to the DDM using 3mm screws.

Thanks to Jason (therippa) for the original concept. You can check out his other designs and follow him here:

Note: As I run a Bowden Extruder this mount has not be printed or tested...


V-Slot Openbuilds Mini Gantry Direct Drive Extruder mount by sonnylowe is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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