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Travelele - The Compact Travel Ukulele

Designed by: avocado_boat

Is this just a other 3D printed ukulele? Will this be great first bigger 3D printing project? Will this be great first instrument? Will teach you new thing about string instruments? Will this ukulele change the way you see the World? I sure hope so! The key design point of this ukulele was to make it 3D printable, so design has taken account of limitations and possibilities 3D printing gives to designer! This ukulele requires only 200 mm printing area, so it can be printed with normal Prusa i3 or any other smaller 3D printer. And it is only 5 printed parts + string and tuners to play this ukulele. There is also option to place piezo pickup to make electric Travelele. Main frame of Travelele is 3 parts, frame, neck and truss rod. This ukulele has frame adjustment method similar used is guitars called truss rod, so one can have much more adjustment on instrument. Truss rod attaches frame and neck together allows one more adjustment to instrument, with truss rod you can adjust angle of the ukulele neck relative to body and get the string gap perfect with the adjustments of nut and bridge. This project is great introduction to string instruments and easy and great way to learn more about them, hardware for this ukulele can be bought less than 10€ and plastic costs are close to same.


Travelele - The Compact Travel Ukulele by avocado_boat is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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