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Toy Camera or Rattle

Designed by: Homekeys


One of my good friends just had a baby! He is an amazing fashion photographer and designer so i don't dare try to pick out a shower gift for him and his wife that includes any sort of outfit or blanket... (No need to embarrass myself.)

Instead, I wanted to help him start early instilling a deep love of photography in his daughter in hopes that one day she and her daddy can enjoy it together.

So I created a 3D Printable toy camera for her. Almost all edges are rounded to make for a safe toy for really little flail-ers and so bigger kids won't hurt themselves if they fall on it. The small handle on the side is great for tiny hands or a big loop for a camera strap later on. The viewfinder is tapered out and gives a great perspective for the budding photog! Print one today for your little artist.

Be sure to print with support due to the handle not being flat on the build platform.

I added my friends daughters name to this but you can use any CAD program to do this as well. If you don't know how, ask google, she knows everything!

If you wait until it is about 40% printed and add some dry rice into the infill you can make this into a nice little rattle! i printed this with 15% infill to allow lots and lots of room for the dry rice note that some rice may get blown out if printing in PLA due to the directed fan... just keep adding more until you are satisfied. Rage! Rage against the blowing of the rice!

Also to keep the sound well muffled and not too sharp i printed this with 3 shells.


Toy Camera or Rattle by Homekeys is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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