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Tie Ornament Business Card

Designed by: bivaterl

V2 update: it was quite tight to insert the body into the wings, so v2 decreases the height of the body piece to 1.8mm from 2mm. This should make it a little easier to insert, but may be looser. I'll print again tonight and update. Note, v1 (2mm body) will fit - it is just difficult to insert into the wings without breaking them. In other words, I don't know if a child could do it without assistance. Added a "no words" version for those who want the file like the picture without the Christmas wishes.

I took the adjusted tie ornament and built it into a sprue. I have added a "Merry Christmas 2018" on the bottom, but that can easily be removed in your 3d model software. I also made the sprues smaller (.8mm instead of the 2mm in the picture). Thanks to Gimpdiggity for his original file here:

Frame is 80mm square.

Feel free to edit/remix in Tinkercad:


Tie Ornament Tree by bivaterl is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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