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Thomas Bangalter's Daft Punk Helmet

Designed by: andyways

In honor of the release of the latest Daft Punk album, I wanted to print a set of helmets. I couldn't find a decent mesh on thingiverse (I AM DISAPPOINT), so I put this together.
This is a ready to print model of Thomas Bangalter's Daft Punk Helmet. I don't think the two Robots have names, so I've been calling it the visor mask.

I gave these out as party gifts, who doesn't like a little daft punk?
The model is just dying for remixes. Keychains, magnets, gear shift knobs, lets do this people!

Check out the readme for descriptions of each file.


Thomas Bangalter's Daft Punk Helmet by andyways is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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