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Tensegrity structure

Designed by: aclugston519

I saw an image of this and thought it'd be cool to 3D print one. I had a look at what other models of it already existed on Thingiverse but wasn't sold on any of them so I modelled my own. This model has 1mm holes making it ideal for fine wool(as in the image) or fishing wire. It also has 3.5mm diameter pocket for any bulky knots to be hidden in so it will still sit flush on a table. If you are going to make it you will require 3 approximately 81mm (knot-to-knot) pieces of string and 1 approximately 46mm piece of string. This is what I have on mine and it sits mostly level, although one piece of string could do with being 82-83mm to get it completely level due to the design of one of the holes(I may go back and fix this hence marking it a work in progress). It has been modelled so that the pieces can be pre-cut and knotted and then inserted through the slits into the pockets for the holes. EDIT: The v2 version has a 15 degrees outward draft on one of the holes, this should allow a more linear path from the top to the bottom piece and mean that three equal pieces of string should work instead of one longer as said above. I won't be reprinting with this modification, so the images shown are of the v1 model.


Tensegrity structure by aclugston519 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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