T800 Smooth Terminator Endoskull Printable WithBase (not ExoSkull)

Designed by: machina

Download version 5.4.5 ! ====================== After hours and hours and hours of clean-up and adjustment work, this is a fairly definitive T800 model that will scale well - it prints wonderfully at 50% scale, 75% scale or 100%scale. It will slice with Slic3r, Cura, Simply3D, KISSlicer, etc - every slicer we threw at it did a wonderful job. All the little overhangs are handled (such as eye sockets, cheek bones, nose, side "robot" details, actuators are beefed up, cheek actuators beefed up and adjusted for higher quality/cleaner printing. Print it fast, print it small, print it big, this is a great model. A big thanks to all who have worked on this model before it got in our hand - Geoffro, ToScH, MUCKYCHRIS all the way to Landru. It's amazing how many hands this model has been through to get here. Thanks to all and enjoy. Use version 5.4.5 !


T800 Smooth Terminator Endoskull Printable WithBase (not ExoSkull) by machina is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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