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Surgical Mask Strap Remix

Designed by: Suraky

This remix is Identical to the original design shared by Marslam, but with a hole punched out in the middle portion of the strap to save material and print faster. Marslam's version is here: I'm receiving a little taste of fame from all of this including a TV interview today - It's definitely more than I deserve, So I would really like to thank Marslam again as the true designer of this part. I merely did a small modification to it and was lucky to be swept up into Quinn's viral Facebook post. This thing has been reviewed and approved for use in a clinical setting by the NIH (US National Institute of Health)!!! Intended to be used to hold the elastic straps of a surgical mask, to relieve the pressure of those on the ears. Apparently wearing a surgical mask all day can be hard on the ears.


Surgical Mask Strap Remix by Suraky is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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