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Stormtrooper Key Fob

Designed by: muzz64

The 'Sormtroopers Key Fob' design is based on the new look Stormtroopers from the 2015 Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens'..

Small and simple two colour print... just pause your machine twice during the print to change from white to back then back to white. Allowing fro a 1mm Raft, start your print with white filament then change to black at 2mm (approx. 37%) then back to white at 5mm (83%) for a two coloured print as shown in the images provided.

The 'Stormtrooper Key Fob' is the same both sides so is reversible (i.e. Not just a flat underside/back). At standard size it measures 30mm high x 25mm wide (excluding the key ring part) so it doesn't use much filament, prints quickly and doesn't make your key chain bulky.

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Stormtrooper Key Fob by muzz64 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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