Slightly Modified Light Switch Cover

Designed by: msadler2

I have my alarm clock plugged into the socket which is controlled by that annoying switch by the door. Someone is constantly touching that switch, and causing me to have to reset my ancient alarm clock. I am too stupid to move it. In my kitchen, there are two switches on opposite sides of the room that operate the lights. One of them has a dimmer. Imagine the frustration when a randomized combination of switching and dimming causes me to waste half the morning replacing bulbs that don't work when in fact, they do. So. I loved dfrechette's design so much, I stole it. My light switch screws are countersunk. which meant that when I over tightened the screws, and I always over tighten the screws, I end up cracking the plastic. I countersunk the holes.


Slightly Modified Light Switch Cover by msadler2 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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