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Oogie-Boogie and his Kids

Designed by: GamerGorman20

So I made this Oogie mask for myself for Halloween and after I showed it to some of the wife's (Sally) friends, they wanted matching masks!

Since I couldn't find the kids ANYWHERE in any way shape or form, I had to try to make them myself. I pretty much just used Tinkercad and Meshmixer, but eventually got them looking OK.

I have already uploaded the Oogie mask as a remix of the original 3D model, but I wanted to add it with the kid's masks so people only had to collect one entry. I will post pics of the kid's masks if I print them. ALso, I didn't like the chin of the original file I printed, so I fixed and reprinted it. I have included the new chin and old eyes as well.

Lock - Red Devil

Shock - Green Witch

Barrel - White Skeleton


Oogie-Boogie and his Kids by GamerGorman20 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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