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Designed by: makkuro

A desktop nameplate. Customize it to show your name or text (Press "Open in Customizer" above or install OpenSCAD on your own computer). This version has 2 lines on top of each other.

Big thanks go out to RLazure for the original design, which i remixed. I updated it to the new font library, to contain 2 lines and to make the nameplate grow and shrink according to your font size selections.

This desktop nameplate is intended to be printed in 2 colours and thus has different "types" of parts to select from:

  • If you don't have a dual extruder / MMU printer: Use the "full_nameplate" type. And use the "Pause @ZPos" or similar feature to change the filament during printing.
  • You can also create "A flat name tag", which is just a plate which you can stick on things directly. This was an idea/request from oxgon.
  • If you have a dual extruder printer: Generate and use the 2 parts "dual_extrusion_base_part" and "dual_extrusion_base_part".

You can customize:

  • 2 lines of text. Just leave one empty if you need only one.
  • You can set "Bold", "Italic", etc, for each line. It must be supported by the text you selected though. (e.g. Bangers does not support it)
  • The font. Nice is e.g.: "Orbitron", "Bangers" or "Luckiest Guy".
  • Each lines font size individually.
  • The distance between the lines

If you could take a picture of an actual print, please publish it via the "post a make" button. - I am curious to see your uses in the wild.

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Nameplate by makkuro is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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