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Male/Female Torso, Diadumenus Type

Designed by: CosmoWenman

Captured in the Louvre by Cosmo Wenman, November 2012.

I captured this piece in the Louvre, but I processed, printed, and am publishing it in connection with this NPR story: Unfortunately, the story did not mention my current Skulpturhalle project, or my forthcoming publication of Venus de Milo or Winged Victory. For more on that, see

I took 202 photos of this piece in November 2012. The lighting was poor, and I could not get around all sides of it -- I got so-so results processing them with 123D Catch, but recently ran them through ReCap Photo and got much, much better results. I cleaned the webbing between the legs with Meshmixer and Blender and added a base, but I've included the unedited, textured capture as well, which includes portions of the Louvre gallery.

The versions with a base are scaled to roughly match the human scale of the "Female Torso, Esquiline Type" which I've also published. I had both the male and female torsos printed at the same scale, with the male figure at roughly 10 inches tall on an Objet printer. They turned out very nicely and make a nice pair standing side-by-side.

I haven't tried yet, but I suspect both figures will print cleanly in PLA without any supports.


From the Louvre's description:

"This torso is one of a prolific series of ancient replicas which are generally agreed to echo the Diadumenus ("he who attaches" a band around his forehead), a bronze produced c.440-430 BCE by Polyclitus.



Male Torso, Diadumenus Type by CosmoWenman is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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