Ortur Lasermaster 2 Fixed Focus Air Assist

Designed by: c17loadktcm

This Thingi uses the top plate from 3d printcreator, go visit his link, https://3d-printcreator.com/ortur-laser-master-15-air-assist-unit/ I chose to create this air assist as a friction fit for the Ortur Lasermaster 2 Fixed focus 20watt unit. The holes are for standard aquarium tubing, either pvc or silicone, the Nozzle end accepts a 3D Printer nozzle end and is threaded. I use a .8 and 1.0 mm nozzle depending on the application. This design still allows for the use of the focus buck that comes with the newer LM2's


Ortur Lasermaster 2 Fixed Focus Air Assist by c17loadktcmis licensed under the Creative Commons - Public Domain Dedication license.

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