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HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo / Quatro Wall Mount

Designed by: mmotley

A wall-mount for the 5th generation HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo (2-tuner) or Quatro (4-tuner) TV streaming devices. The 5th generation devices are all black with no indicator lights, as shown in the picture.

You'll need #6 countersink screws for mounting (the holes are already countersunk). Button-head or pan-head screws likely won't work, as the HDHomeRun needs to clear the screws when sliding it in.

I have the US version of the CONNECT Duo (2-tuner) product (Part # HDHR5-2US), so that is what was tested. It should fit the Quatro device as well, since it appears to be the same dimensions according to my research.

It may fit older (4th generation) devices, as I understand they are similar in dimensions

Note that I designed it so that the HDHomeRun device fits tightly. So, yes, it will be tight, especially the first time you insert it.

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HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo / Quatro Wall Mount by mmotley is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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