Geometric Skull Pot With Drainage

Designed by: AlexanderGi

A Geometric Skull Pot that comes in 2 sizes that feature a sloped bottom and drainage hole to give your plants a fighting chance. The sloped bottom is to ensure any excess water goes towards the holes and doesn't pool at the bottom.

The internal cavity mimics the outer walls to give as much space as possible for the plant on the inside. The walls are 5mm thick (more or less) on both models, and the holes are 10mm in diameter, so if you want to slightly adjust the model size on your slicer there shouldn't be any issues.

The smaller pot is 93.6mm x 122mm x 84.1mm with 1 drainage hole.

The larger pot is 141.8mm x 184.8mm x 127.5mm with 2 drainage holes.

The outer Skull shape is a remix of a remix of a remix, and I've had trouble tracking down who made the original skull design, If someone can let me know I will link it here and give the author credit.


Geometric Skull Pot With Drainage by AlexanderGi is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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