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GearVR to Vive Lens Adapter

Designed by: GrodenVR

This is an adapter to fit Samsung GearVR (2016) 42 mm lenses onto an HTC Vive (also tested and working on Vive Pro). It's for people that hate the Fresnel lenses of the Vive, which can produce "god-rays" in high contrast areas.


V3.2 Use this version if you have 20/20 vision or don't normally need glasses in the vive. [print 1 for each eye]

Focus-able adapter V2. An alternative to v3.2 for people who need glasses (IMO v3.2 are a better fit and finish). Range is about -2 to +2 diopter. You lose a couple degrees FOV compared to the fixed adapter. Putting the (optional) 2.5mm shim under the adapter could theoretically get you to +3 diopter equivalent.
I split up the focus adapter into separate files. [print FocusOuterRight, FocusInnerRight, FocusOuterLeft, FocusInnerLeft]. The threads are opposite direction for the left eye so if you mix up the right and left parts they won't screw together!

Added a version for the prescription inserts from VR Lens Lab (has separate files for left and right eye).

Installation Notes

Great detailed installation video here by cbutters tech. The process for vive and vive pro are identical.

The tolerance on the fit of the GearVR lens in the adapter is pretty tight. You may have difficulty getting it in depending on your print. With the flat part of the lens facing you, slide the top end under the 2 little nubs near the top of the adapter. You need to have the flat part of the lens perfectly parallel with the flat part of the adapter, then push in at the bottom and it should just snap in place without too much force. Note that the bulgy side of the lens faces the screen. Its really blurry upside down!

Clarity is much better than the stock Fresnel lenses. Bigger sweet spot, no reflections from the ridges, no god rays.


GearVR to Vive Lens Adapter by GrodenVR is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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