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Easy Print Compass Rose (DnD/Tabeltop Games)

Designed by: levenimc

I wanted a nice compass rose to use for my DND setup, so the players could tell North, but I was not satisfied with any of the current options, so I set out to make my own.

There were some neat looking ones, but they looked like a pain to print. There were some easy to print ones, but they didn't look very neat.

I feel that this one is a nice balance between super easy to print (no supports, one piece, zero post processing) while still looking pretty nice, and also being relatively simplistic (only pointing to North, instead of cluttered with all 4 letters).

I printed this in CC3D silky gold, and it looks amazing. Looks great in white, too.

This does scale up pretty well, if you want to print it larger, too!

The attachment of the N is a bit fragile, so I made a "reinforced" version as well, with just a bit more surface area holding the N to the point.


Easy Print Compass Rose (DnD/Tabeltop Games) by levenimc is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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