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Dual Light Switch Key Hanger

Designed by: borgchick

This is an remix to the single switch key hanger. I did make the vertical hanging shafts slightly thinner (they were 2mm, now they are 1.5mm) Should help the switch plate sit less awkwardly.

This hanger will fit if the two bottom screws holding the switch plate is about 46mm apart.

When you install it, mount it with the bottom screws that holds the actual switch to the switch box. This is because those screws are long, and will easily accommodate this addition. The screws holding the switch plate are normally very short.

For a perfect install, you could consider cutting the switch plate a tiny bit to accommodate the vertical shafts of this hanger.


Dual Light Switch Key Hanger by borgchick is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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