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Dorus the Dragon (supportless)

Designed by: macouno

I made Dorus a while back, based on my little Blu character (same feet!).

If you like Dorus... Also meet his buddy Manus the Minotaur!

You can help me make more free stuff by buying a full colour Dorus via my shop at Shapeways

BTW: Dorus features on the official Blender for 3D Printing dvd I released with the Blender foundation.

The initial model was unstable, and couldn't be printed on an extrusion printer.

So now... say hello to Supportless Dorus. I modified him specifically so he can be printed in one go on my Replicator 1. I'm pretty sure he can be printed on any machine.


Dorus the Dragon (supportless) by macouno is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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