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Crazy Text

Designed by: Clausevic


Insert your text and Make!
you can create a key ring, a word sculpture, a fridge magnet, a jewelry or anything else that comes to mind.
the limit is only your imagination!

Look in the made to get some ideas.

very easy to use, you do not have to be a programmer


  • full and easy customizable
  • all font support (all font installed on your pc)
  • Usable with any character
  • 36 built-in icons to add to the print
  • easy extended
  • No limit of the number of characters

For each letter or icon you can chose separately:

  • x position
  • y position
  • rotation in degree (+ cw, - ccw)
  • scale xy
  • scale thickness

For the total piece you can set:

  • thickness
  • scale
  • size
  • space
  • offset
  • totalWidth


in the modeling phase set totalWidth to 0. only after completing and before exporting in stl set the piece width in mm.
Otherwise, any minor changes will take a long time to render

For any advice, addition or modification write me. thanks
Tn the next version I want add many more icons. Let me know which other icon can be useful.

To thank me

To thank me, add your print to a made one. Just a photo and I'll be happy!!!
To make it easy for other people, please add parameters of openscad in your "i make one" thing like in this thing:


Crazy Text by Clausevic is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

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