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Clean Dishes, Dishes Dirty, dishwasher sliding sign

Designed by: Jimbotron

(Update: 4/25/2018 - I added a blank version part A and B so you can cut or stick your own words. Thanks to TurtleKid for the suggestion.)

This is a sliding Clean/Dirty Dishes sign for your dishwasher.

*If you have been 3d Printing for a while - you are probably ok without these instructions for changing colors to make "Clean" Green, "Dirty" Red, "Dishes" Black, and the body silver. However, read on if in doubt and feel free to comment if you need clarification/help.

  1. Start "Clean_Dirty_Sign_Parta01.STL" with green filament or whatever color you want for "Clean"
  2. As soon as you start to see the sidewall edges form for the word "clean" on the left, which indicates that the word clean's last layer is finished, then change the color to red for the word "Dirty"
    - Change From Green to Red at or between 2.6mm to 2.8mm
  3. When the red word Dirty is complete, you will see the sidewall edges form around the word "Dirty", and that tells you it is time to change to Silver to complete the print.
    - Change from Red to Silver at or between 3.3mm to 3.5mm
  4. In the slicer orient "Clean_Dirty_Sign_Partb01.STL" with the word "Dishes" at the bottom by rotating on the X axis 180 degrees.
    *Optionally, (advanced) print with Dishes facing upwards with support material as originally oriented - adjust color change as needed.
  5. Start printing the "Clean_Dirty_Sign_Partb01.STL" with the color Silver and change to Black after about 3 to 4 layers at 0.2 layer resolution or 5-6 layers at 0.15 resolution so that the word "Dishes" is Black and finish the part in Black.
    - Change from Silver to Black at or between 1.4mm and 1.6mm

Post Printing:

  1. Glue three 10mmx1.5mm magnets in the three recessed holes on the back. Cover with masking tape and trim so you don't scratch your dishwasher with the magnets. 10mm with 1mm thickness would be fine also


    Clean Dishes, Dishes Dirty, dishwasher sliding sign by Jimbotron is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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