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1.75mm Filament Gator Clip Holder

Designed by: nBurn

Small clip to keep your filament roll / spool from unwinding. Gets the job done fairly well. No 3 millimeter filament clips yet, only clips for 1.75 mm. Still a work-in-progress...


I have updated the design with version 08, 08 presses the 2 sections of filament directly against each other making for a better grip. The old 07 version is still available for now, but consider it depreciated. I recommend the 'os' variation of 08, I am using this with my own spools and find it works better than the 'ss' variant. While the 'ss' version doesn't work as well as 'os', it should still be an improvement over 07.


1.75mm Filament Gator Clip Holder by nBurn is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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