Cleaning Your Electronic Screens

Published On: 2013-05-19

Category: News

When cleaning computer, TV, cell phone or even camera screens, we have to make sure to take extra care in the type of products we use to bust the dust and gunk. Most manufacturers warn against using products that contain...

Roxio UB315-E Ver 3 Works in Ubuntu

Published On: 2013-01-18

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

Just wanted to report that the Roxio UB315-E Ver 3 seems to work fine in Ubuntu 10.10. Tested using VLC. The video showed up as /dev/video and the audio I could access via VLC with the parameter plughw:Device I...

Deleting all files of a certain extension on Linux

Published On: 2012-11-28

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

The following code will delete all files with a particular extension in Linux. Tested in Ubuntu. find . -name '*.orig' | xargs rm

Cleaning out wannabe Jpegs

Published On: 2012-10-23

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

#!/bin/bash # A script to help with the error message: # gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x47 0x49 # run this in a directory where your images reside and it will recursively find all jpegs...

How many lines of code am I dealing with?

Published On: 2012-10-23

Category: News

Want to know how many lines of code your dealing with? This one-liner will get you there on *nix systems: find . -name '*.php' | xargs wc -l My biggest site has 215660 lines. What about yours?

List only directories using ls and grep

Published On: 2012-10-22

Category: News

Normally if you try to view directories in ls, ls will look inside that directory instead of the directory itself.  For example: You want to find out about the directories in images but images has a ton of files in...

Droping an iptables Rule

Published On: 2012-10-18

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

With command line : iptables -L INPUT -n --line-numbers You'll get the list of all blocked IP. Look at the number on the left, then : iptables -D INPUT NUMBER_HERE (Note after you delete one the numbers realign so adjust or...

New Business Cards

Published On: 2012-08-25

Category: News

New business cards came in a few days ago. With help from Jeff @ Digital Deviance.

Cursor stuck on Firefox Page?

Published On: 2012-01-16

Category: Tips

If you ever get stuck with a blinking cursor on a webpage in a strange spot that doesn't seem to be editable. You might have accidentally turned on Caret Browsing in Firefox. F7 is your fix. From the dialogue box...

Windows 7: Classic Control Panel

Published On: 2012-01-05

Category: Tips

When I first saw the control panel in the new Windows 7 I looked for the ’switch to classic view’ button which seemed to be missing. After poking around I found out how to list all the icons. Just...

How to Properly Open a Closed Optical (DVD/CD) Drive

Published On: 2012-01-03

Category: Tips

First some background. Whenever you stick your media into your disk drive and close it, that's not all that happens. After your CD/DVD is in place, an arm raises up and grabs the disk. This arm contains the motor...

404 Logging

Published On: 2012-01-02

Category: News

<?php $logFile = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/404.log'; // full path to your log file date_default_timezone_set('TZ=CST6CDT'); // set to your time zone if (isset($logFile)) { $logData = '404|'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'|'...

Offsite Backup In Action

Published On: 2011-12-31

Category: News

A couple of days ago we recieved a Western Digital external hard drive from New Egg. I set it up to rsync my home backup server and then took it to a secure location. Presto! Offsite backup is born. As...

Quoting a password using mysql or mysqldump

Published On: 2011-12-04

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

Trying to use one of the following symbols in a mysql password using -p from the command line will throw you an error: * ? [ < > & ; ! | $ \ ( ) # ~ { } ] " ' The solution is to surround the whole -p parameter in quotes. IE: mysqldump -uusername '-p*#&PassWord...

jQuery Google Analytics Super Tracker

Published On: 2011-11-26

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

I'm not really sure where I found this, and it's undergone a few changes since then but here is what I use on most sites to automatically track outgoing links, mailto links and downloads. It requires jQuery and Google Analytics...

Add auto increment column in Mysql table

Published On: 2011-11-24

Category: Jargon Jabberwocky

To add an auto increment column `id` to a table named `table`. ALTER TABLE `table` ADD `id` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY KEY FIRST;

New Facebook Page

Published On: 2011-11-06

Category: News

We sold our soul and started a Facebook page. I'm also experimenting with linking the website to Facebook to Twitter so hopefully shortly we should have a steady stream of social goodness. Without further ado, I invite you to visit...

Falls Geek Flyer

Published On: 2011-11-02

Category: News

The Falls Geek Flyer is out. Print out thirty copies and hand them to all your friends. Or better yet, email this pdf to thirty friends.. who print out thirty copies.. and well you get the point.

Recycled Milk Jug Skeletons

Published On: 2011-10-25

Category: News

We've been making these plastic skeletons out of old milk jugs for years now.  We originally saw them in someones yard and stealing ideas from them and various places on the net we devised our own method of making them...

Finding the biggest files in Linux

Published On: 2011-10-07

Category: News

The code: find . -printf '%s %p\n' | sort -nr | head The breakdown: find . (searches for all files within the current directory and subdirectory) -printf '%s %p\n' (prints out the size and path followed by a return) | sort...