Backups, Backups, Backups

Published On: 2015-06-03

Category: Tips

why-lose-memories-portraits-250x250I've had three hard drives fail on me these past months. Luckily everything was backed up properly and I didn't lose anything. Hard drives are comprised of spinning platters which fail quite often. Today I'd like to talk about backups and how to make sure you're covered. When we talk about backups we consider a few factors.
  • Preventing Loss of data
  • Availability of data
To prevent loss of data it is essential not only to have a backup, but that the backup be in a separate location then your data. In case of fire, flooding or other natural disasters data should not be located in just one place. The easiest way to backup your data is to upload it to the internet and forget it. Falls Geek has partnered with Backblaze backups to provide this affordable option to our customers. Call us today for one year backups for $40. Another way to do a backup to ensure no loss of data is to use a thumb drive or external hard drive to copy your files to and then transport the drive to a friend or family members house for safekeeping. Ideal files to back up are financial records, business records, and family pictures. This should suffice for most users, but business users and people who rely on their computers might strive for an available backup in case of emergency. A mirrored RAID will provide multiple disks that can still operate if one fails. This is ideal for businesses who need continuous access to their data, however this is not a replacement for a proper off-site backup. A common saying is a RAID is not a backup. It is used for availability and speed increases at the cost of increased complexity. Are you backing up your files? Let us know if we can help you!