Into the Walled Garden

Published On: 2015-05-10

Category: News

I was gifted an old iMac from a good friend the other day. This is the first Mac computer this geek has had the pleasure of playing with so I thought I'd share my experience.

The computer itself is fairly old and didn't include any disks. I was unable to log in except for an old student account on the computer and it was limited. I decided to reinstall the OS but that would require the install disks. So I took a trip to a shady port and found what I was looking for.

Install disks in hand I went to start up the machine with them but every time I tried to install the DVD it would spit it back out. To make a long story short this iMac only has a CD player. So I went back and found the CD install disks and tried again.

It turns out Mac OS won't let you install without the admin password so I looked up quickly on the net how to proceed. I did find that holding the alt key down turned up a boot menu but still didn't figure out how to boot the install. In the end I ended up using apple+s to get into a single boot mode and restart the startup experience so I can create a new admin account.

Admin account in hand I'm now starting the reinstall process.

The reinstall was successful and I went to town trying to get everything working. My shared drive connected fine and wifi was picked up. I had problems trying to surf the web but I found a copy of Firefox called Ten Four Fox which allowed me to browse most sites as long as they weren't flash.

I haven't managed to get much else except for a few games running on this dinosaur but it was certainly a pleasure working on a Mac for the first time.