Merchsource LookBook Won't Update

Published On: 2014-11-02

Category: News

Recently came across a Merchsource LookBook that just refused to update past version 1.6. Upon connecting to WiFi it would say that an update was available but every time it would state that the update has been cancelled. Without this update you are unable to load any of your own e-books onto the device. After much scouring on the net I came across this wiki page which had the solution.

Basically you'll need to update the firmware found here. You can then copy this file to the root of your SD card, stick it into your LookBook device and then turn off the device fully by holding the power button. Once it's powered off hold down the Q button on the keyboard and then press the power button. It should automatically begin the update process. After that I waited a bit (it took about ten minutes and one restart) and presto! I was on 1.9.

E-books loaded easily after this.