Cleaning Your Electronic Screens

Published On: 2013-05-19

Category: News

cleanscreenWhen cleaning computer, TV, cell phone or even camera screens, we have to make sure to take extra care in the type of products we use to bust the dust and gunk. Most manufacturers warn against using products that contain any alcohol, ammonia, (ie. Windex/Glass Cleaners) or other strong solvents, and especially on LCD screens. To avoid mineral spots, I also recommend avoiding tap water. I've been using Johnson's Clean Screen for a few years now cleaning around a half dozen monitors and TV's each week. The bottle is enough to last several years at least. The cloth is machine washable on the gentle cycle. The spray is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) solution water treatment technology that removes even the smallest molecules of mineral deposits, and impurities. It will remove fingerprints, make-up, dust, dirt, and oily residues from delicate surfaces and will not scratch, streak, damage or leave a residue. It comes with a lint free suede microfiber cloth that is ideal for applying the RO solution to any type of screen or glass surface, and is super absorbant and fast drying! To use you simply spray a few mists onto the enclosed cleaning cloth and wipe away. Just click here to get yours today!