Geek Costume Ideas

Published On: 2012-10-25

Category: Geek Bits

This Halloween you should go as Pavlov.  Not everyone will get it, but it should ring a bell.

I may or may not go as Schrodinger.

I was thinking about Heisenberg, but I'm still uncertain.

Actually, I've already selected Darwin, Naturally.

Einstein would be a relatively good costume.

I was gonna do the Hertz, but I fear I've done that one too frequently.

I should be Tesla to electrify the party!

I dunno if I could pull of a costume on somebody who studied energy.  I just don't have the Joules.

I don't have the Class to pull of Lineaus.

On the topic of Tesla, what about Edison?  That one would be more Direct.

Gauss would be a real chick magnet.

Conversely, Neils would be a Bohr.

I could do Copernicus, but the world DOES revolve around me.

Though I'm being pulled toward Newton.

I'm thinking Edward Teller.  That guy was the bomb.

I'll give you a call if I'm going as Bell.