How to Properly Open a Closed Optical (DVD/CD) Drive

Published On: 2012-01-03

Category: Tips

First some background. Whenever you stick your media into your disk drive and close it, that's not all that happens. After your CD/DVD is in place, an arm raises up and grabs the disk. This arm contains the motor that spins the disk and the lasers that read it. If you were to pull the drive out in this condition, you risk damaging the drive.

So drives 'lock' when in the closed position. And without power to the drive and the power button working right you can't get them open. But engineers realized drives might die with their loved ones favorite CD in there. So they created a back door. The location can vary from drive to drive. The paper clip goes in this hole."] The small holes circled in the above picture is your back door to unlocking the drive. On the other side of that hole is a lever which manually lowers the drive arm and releases the drive door. You can see this lever in this naked drive. The easiest tool to use for all of this is a paper clip. Straighten out one end like so and proceed to push it into that small hole. The drive door should eject a small amount, enough for you now to pull on it. Pull on it gently and it should be free. If you encounter resistance stop and try again. The drive door should not be locked. You will feel the weight of the motor, but it should move freely. If it is still jammed you'll need to get it repaired or replaced. Most likely something is off track or teeth in the gears have been warped. Falls Geek can replace and repair optical drives of all types. Call us today (940) 228-4580.