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Computer Repair

Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Computer Speed-up

Computer viruses don’t look like this, but this is what we imagine they look like as we fight them.

How much does it cost?

$60 for a full computer clean-up.

What do you do?

We do the following:

Windows Defender Offline Virus Scan – First and foremost we take your computer offline so that there is no chance of re-infection or further data loss. Then we scan it with the latest virus definitions so as to eliminate any viral programs.
Hand removal of any leftover nasties – Sometimes our automated scanners just aren’t enough to keep up with the latest threats. That’s when over twenty years of experience kick in. We’ll go through and hand remove any left over unwanted programs.
Update Core Operating System – We make sure all the latest updates are applied. Many of the viruses we have seen are because the computer is not updated.
Update other essential programs – Programs such as Adobe Flash, Java, iTunes, Safari, Quicktime, Firefox and others can have security problems in older versions. Your best defense is to keep updated.
Set up Anti-Virus – Many of the computers we see have outdated or expired versions of anti-virus software installed. We remove them and install the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). MSE is a free virus scanner from the makers of Windows. We have found it to be quite effective and un-obtrusive.
Disable unwanted startup programs – Many programs run when your computer starts up, regardless if you use them then or not. We’ll disable these programs, which makes your computer start up and respond much faster.
Disable unwanted services – Windows runs a lot of un-needed programs in the background. We’ll go through them and turn off the ones that aren’t needed.
Disable browser toolbars and add-ons – These toolbars are often undesired and slow down your browsing experience. We shut them down so there are no problems.
Malware Bytes Anti-Malware Scan – This award winning scanner removes potentially unwanted programs.
Full Defrag of Hard Drive – A defragmented hard drive runs faster and uses less space.
Physical Clean – Using alcohol wipes and air spray cans we physically clean your computer so the dust doesn’t bring it down.

How Long Does it Take?

We like to have at least 48 hours in order to complete all scans and procedures. Sometimes due to the size of the computer and / or the depth of the intrusion it takes longer, but we’ll notify you in that case.


We keep a limited supply of spare parts in stock which we sell for far less then you can get in town. We can also order anything you need.

Small Repairs

Not every computer needs a full cleanup. Some have easier problems. We have done small repairs to computers and laptops such as replacing heat sinks and fans, replacing batteries, reconnecting wires, replacing bad CD/DVD drives and a variety of other tasks. We start at $20 for simple repairs.


Normally a computer can be salvaged and made usable without re-installing the operating system. However re-installation will often get your computer running better then new, and starting with a clean slate we can optimize your computer to be faster and more responsive. When we reinstall we make sure all drivers are working, DVD drives play movies as they should and everything is up to date. Re-installations start at $60.

Data Recovery

We have had success in recovering deleted files and recovering data from hard drives which have failed.

Important – If you have deleted a file, or have a hard drive which is failing your best chance at recovery is to do NOTHING and come see a professional. Deleted files still exist on the hard drive and can be recovered if they haven’t been overwritten. However using your computer and trying to recover the file yourself may end up doing more harm then good. Please shut down the computer and contact us immediately for best results.

We can recover many types of files. Files recovered will not retain their filenames.

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