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Written: August 15, 2014

Q: What is a computer virus?
A: A terminal illness!

2013-02-15 13.02.58

Man Woman Geek

Written: August 11, 2014

Q: What did the spider do on the computer?
A: Made a website!

2013-10-18 16.45.14

Our New Office

Written: May 21, 2014

We finally got our own office. After years of working out of the home only to be distracted by pets, kids and just the daily pandemonium of home life an office seemed like the next logical step. We were lucky enough to have a friend who knew a gentleman who had space available in downtown Wichita Falls and here we have been since February. We decided it would be nice to share some pictures of the new place since we are very fortunate to have it.

Getting Started with Advertising on the Top Websites

Written: April 30, 2014

According to Alexa’s top sites we have experience advertising on 7 out of the top 10 sites. The following is a list of those websites and the links to set up these options. If you need help, feel free to contact us for assistance in managing your online presence.

  • Google.com – See how your business could look on Google using AdWords.
  • Facebook.com – Advertise on Facebook. Over 1 billion people. We’ll help you reach the right ones.
  • Youtube.com – Deliver your message to the right people at the right time. Every business has an audience on YouTube.
  • Yahoo.com – Advertising solutions that small businesses need to drive more customers and grow. Yahoo advertising solutions.
  • Baidu.com – The leading Chinese language search engine.
  • Wikipedia.org – A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software.
  • Qq.com – China’s largest and most used Internet service portal.
  • Twitter.com – Drive business growth and sales 140 characters at a time.
  • Live.com – Use Outlook to advertise through the Microsoft network.
  • Amazon.com – Drive qualified traffic from our site to yours through highly targeted placements.

Choosing The Right Domain Name

Written: April 16, 2014

Internet1Coming up with an effective domain name is an important strategy when deciding to create your website. You need to ask yourself do you want a domain that is discoverable or brandable. Discoverable is where someone is searching for keywords related to a specific topic. These are real word names and phrases. However, if you plan on marketing through paid search listings then you may want to go with a domain name that is more brandable. Some names are metaphors but you want to make sure it ties in with the purpose of the site. A brandable name should be distinctive and memorable.

Create a list with multiple keywords or phrases that best describe what you are looking for. With this list you will be able to use a domain selection tool to find out what is available. Keep the name as short as possible and make sure it is easy to spell and to pronounce. This makes it easy to type and to remember.

Try to avoid naming it something similar to a website already out there. This way there will be no confusion with existing sites and the traffic intended for your site will land there instead of the other page. Not that this is common, but it is important to make sure you are not in violation of anyone’s else’s trademark. You can visit copyright.gov and search before you decide to purchase your domain.

While there are many extensions available to choose from .com is the most popular for business sites. Many people using the web still assume that this is all that is out there. You will want to avoid buying multiple domain names as this is not cost-effective. Some exceptions would be if you are a larger company or if you have a name in mind where it can easily be miskeyed or there are multiple variations of the word.

If all this sounds over your head, we can help. We do domain name management which includes selecting, buying and administrating your domain.